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Foto Studio Nostalgie

Studio Nostalgie

One room with double bed (180-200), (or 2x 90-200) and one single bed (90-200), kitchenette, equipped to prepare breakfast or even a simple meal at lunch or dinner time. There is a private bathroom with toilet. Entrance via private terrace, faced to North.

Porte du Soleil, logies en ontbijt kamer in groepsaccommodatie Cruon in Frankrijk

Bedroom Porte du Soleil

Sleeps 2 people, double bed (180-190) (or 2x 090-200), private entrance, private toilet and bathroom in the corridor.

Verblijfplaats Est Best - Groepsaccommodatie Cruon in Zuid-Frankrijk

Studio Est-Best

Room with one bed (180-200), private bathroom with shower and toilet ensuite, kitchenette to prepare a cup of tea or coffee.

Foto petit Studio Le Jardin - Groepsaccommodatie in Frankrijk

Studio Le Jardin

Sleeps 2 / 4
people, with double bed (140-190) and one single bed (090-200) and sofa. A well tuned piano is inviting you to play. At the end of the corridor you’ll find a small kitchen, bathroom with shower and bath and separate toilet.

Foto slaaphuisje en mini camping in Frankrijk

Wooden cabins ‘Sous L’arbre’

Charming extra bedrooms on the little campsite. The sensation of camping but the luxurious feeling of a real bed and roof above your head. A lovely shady spot. The outside toilet and shower are close by.

In the former barn you will find a big space, very useful for workshop activities such as yoga, painting, singing. Apart from this, there is a large covered, half open area with open fire place. From June till September, this place is perfectly equipped for your workshops and meals together with the whole group.