In this part of France you will find the simple qualities of country life:
peace and quiet surrounded by vineyards and plum orchards. Come and relax amongst the sunflowers, watch the birds ( cranes in spring and autumn!) and wildlife. Enjoy the ambience of the French countryside. The rivers Garonne and Dordogne are near, the Atlantic Ocean a little bit further (80 miles) but very exiting for a day trip.


Canoeing, walking, cycling, golf, horse riding, mention it and you will find it near to our place.
We have two electric bicycles for rental.

Cahteau Duras


There are lovely towns to visit, eg.Bergerac, Bordeaux, Agen and charming little bastide villages like Sarlat, Monflaquin, Eymet, Monsegur.
Impressive monuments such as the big cathedrals in Agen and Bazas are not far away. There are lots of Roman churches as in Esclottes in many of the villages in this part of France.